Book Review- Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom

Title: Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

Source: Harper Reach

My Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️// 5 Stars

Goodreads Synopsis:

The Rules:

Don’t deceive me. Ever. Especially using my blindness. Especially in public.

Don’t help me unless I ask. Otherwise you’re just getting in my way or bothering me.

Don’t be weird. Seriously, other than having my eyes closed all the time, I’m just like you only smarter.

Parker Grant doesn’t need 20/20 vision to see right through you. That’s why she created the Rules: Don’t treat her any differently just because she’s blind, and never take advantage. There will be no second chances. Just ask Scott Kilpatrick, the boy who broke her heart.

When Scott suddenly reappears in her life after being gone for years, Parker knows there’s only one way to react—shun him so hard it hurts. She has enough on her mind already, like trying out for the track team (that’s right, her eyes don’t work but her legs still do), doling out tough-love advice to her painfully naive classmates, and giving herself gold stars for every day she hasn’t cried since her dad’s death three months ago. But avoiding her past quickly proves impossible, and the more Parker learns about what really happened—both with Scott, and her dad—the more she starts to question if things are always as they seem. Maybe, just maybe, some Rules are meant to be broken.

Combining a fiercely engaging voice with true heart, debut author Eric Lindstrom’s Not If I See You First illuminates those blind spots that we all have in life, whether visually impaired or not.

My Review:

This book is just… ugh. It’ll be real good if ‘Ugh’ is a vocab, but I got to say I did not expect that it will be this good. Parker Grant is a character I don’t adore, and for the very reason itself, I love her. She accepts no bullshits, she takes responsibility for her condition, she has a strong personality and DEAR GOD, SHE IS FULL OF FLAWS. I love how Eric Lindstrom wrote her in a self-conceited manner. Just how often we get to see a MC being self-conceited? Yeap, that’s right.

Parker has just lost her only close kin- her father, and if you are a regular reader of my blog, you would have heard me mentioning more than once that my father has recently passed away. It is still painful to even think about it, thus, I truly understand how Parker felt. The moment you lose someone who means the world to you, you enter a phase of numbness. As much as you want to sit down and mourn for your loss, you can’t help but to think how your life is going to be without this person. You will continuously play all the conversation you had with this person, trying so hard to push back the tears, and work so hard to make everything normal again, except it isn’t. Your life will change. People will make decisions on your behalf, when all you want is to be able to decide for yourself again. That is what happened to Parker, she had to endure so much of changes, and she being blind is making things very, very hard.

Parker has a set of rules which she expects or hope to be followed by everyone. If by any chance you did not abide by the rules, just be prepared to be in her bad list for a very long time. soon, she realizes that because of this rules, she has made a very big mistake.

There is romance in this book, yes. But, what stood out more are the friendship between the MC and her girlfriends. This book highlights how friendship is as important as relationship, and I think is very important. It’s heartwarming to see how the girls and boy stood up with Parker when she is at the lowest point of her life, you’d be wishing there is something as beautiful in your life.

I have a favorite scene in this book. It is almost at the end of the book, I’m sorry I can say any further or I might as well spoil it. I am a fan of sports stories, and completely loved how Eric implemented the sports bit in this book. It was certainly an uplifting scene. I could not stop smiling while reading it!

If you’re up for a book which will make you laugh and of course cry, Not If I See You First is right up your alley. I hope this book will warm your heart just like it did mine.

Thank you so much Harper Reach for the copy in exchange of my honest review. Till the next post guys, take care and be safe! Love you all.


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