Top Ten Tuesday- Authors You’re Dying to Meet

Hey hey hey guys! We’re back at it again with Top Ten Tuesday! 

Top Ten Tuesday is put together by the lovely people in The Broke and The Bookish and for this week I’ve picked the topic…. *drumrolls* Authors I’m Dying to Meet! 

We all have a couple of fave authors, but if these 5 authors happen to be in Malaysia or if I get the chance to meet them someday, imma definitely first in line! 

1. Neil Gaiman

This wizard of high fantasy has created wondrous work of magic over the years. My personal favorite is American Gods. I’ve made my life goal to finish reading all his works someday and when I’m lucky enough to meet him one day, I’ll swoon and fawn all over him. It’s safe to say that he is my literary crush. He writes the most mind-blowing and absurd stories! 
2. Rainbow Rowell

If Rainbow was a kind of food, she’ll be the sweet,salty and fluffy cheesecake. She builds such happy vibes in you and laced it up with heartbreaks. I can’t begin to tell how much I love this woman’s work. I’ve read everything by her and can’t wait to relish in more! 

3. Jodi Picoult

This woman unleashed my love for court room drama. I love her extensive effort in researches for her books. Jodi is also an excellent storyteller and manages to discuss the most extensive subject. One of my fave of her book is Keeping Faith, where matters as sensitive as religion were vastly discussed throughout the books. Albeit the similar patterns in her books, I am still much of a sucker to those dramas. Yeap, shameless declaration. 

4. J.K Rowling

My late father used to wonder out aloud whenever we were marathon-ing Harry Potter movies, “How on earth did this woman ever conjured up such grand imaginations?” I on the other hand, still strongly believe that Hogwarts exist somewhere and is definitely not an imagination. If I ever get an opportunity to meet her, only God knows how I’ll react. I might embarrass my self for eternity. Lol. 

5. Gillian Flynn

If and when I meet this woman, I’ll probably be very careful not to cross her. She has some craziest ideas to people and I don’t want to get into her bad side! As crazy as it may sound, she is one of the most brilliant crime thriller author I’ve ever seen. Have you gave her books a shot? What do you think? Share with me in the comment section!
Okay guys, I only have 5 names for now but the journey of reading is a long one. Who knows? I might add more in coming time! I’ll see you guys soon guys, thanks for reading! Stay safe and love you all. 


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