Would You Rather -Booktag

Hello guys! I came across this fun tag on the wonderful A Bibliophile’s Obsession‘s blog and decided to give it a go! 
1. Read only series or stand- alone?

 •I rarely go for series as I am afraid I will get bored too soon. So, I would say, I am more of a standalone kinda girl. Despite this preference of mine, I fell in love with a spectacular series and that is The Lunar Chronicle series. You can read about them here

2. Read only female or male authors?

• Hmm..I don’t think I actually have a preference in this matter. I read books by both female and male authors. What’s more important is if the content is good. 

3. Shop at Barnes and Nobles or Amazon? 

•I shop at none of the stores above. Being in Malaysia, my to go bookstores are usually Bookalicious run by Leon Ngai, an all book knowing and friendly book seller and the local chain bookstores such as Popular & MPH. 

4. All books becomes movies or tv shows?

• TV Shows for sure. And I want at least 7 seasons of detailed plot. Heh.😏

5. Read 5 pages a day or 5 books per week? 

• 5 books per weeks and I believe I’ll be able to slay my TBR pile in no time! 

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?

• I think I’d rather be a Professional Reviewer instead of author as I see myself enjoying books more than writing them. 

7. Only read your top 20 books over and over or always read new books that you haven’t read before? 

• I will happily keep reading new books that I haven’t read before because that’s what reading all about. Always venturing and exploring new reading materials! 

8. Be a librarian or a bookseller? 

• A tough one. I actually fantasized about becoming a librarian before but the potential of acquiring new books as a book seller sounds more tempting to me. Book seller it is! 

9. Only read your favorite genre or every genre except your favorite? 

• I think it’ll be extremely difficult for me if I am not able to read my favorite genre at all. In that case, I’ll stick to my favorite genre. 

10. Only read physical books or ebooks? 

 • I can’t deny that ebooks are very convenient these days, but I am an old-school person. I love the touch and texture of a physical book. Having them and shelving them is actually a gratification to me, so physical books all the way! 

That’s all guys! I’d like to tag heyitsbookishme & booklovesreviews to post up their versions! Anyone who reading this are welcome to join in the fun tag too! Thanks for reading, guys! See you in next post! 


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