Book Review- Nothing Tastes As Good by Claire Hennessy

Title: Nothing Tastes As Good

Publisher: Hot Key Books

My Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Goodreads Synopsis: Don’t call her a guardian angel. Annabel is dead – but she hasn’t completely gone away. Annabel immediately understands why her first assignment as a ghostly helper is to her old classmate: Julia is fat. And being fat makes you unhappy. Simple, right?
As Annabel shadows Julia’s life in the pressured final year of school, Julia gradually lets Annabel’s voice in, guiding her thoughts towards her body, food and control.

But nothing is as simple as it first seems. Spending time in Julia’s head seems to be having its own effect on Annabel . . . And she knows that once the voices take hold, it’s hard to ignore them.

My Review:

Stop whatever you’re doing and please read this book. This book is important and very much needed not only by teenage girls/ boys around the world, but also by adults like you and me.

This book addresses several crucial messages that are often disregarded by many. Issues such a body image, being overly self conscious, are taken very lightly.

Meet Annabel, a thin girl who thinks she is not thin enough, who definitely had a problem with food, who is also dead btw, is now not a guardian angel, but a spirit helper who supposed to help Julia to feel better but doing horrible job in my opinion. Annabel lives, I mean lived by this mantra,

“Every time you say ‘no thank you’ to food, you say ‘yes please’ to skinny.” 

Annabel was/ is obsessed about her food intake, she barely eats. She view her family and friends as a bag of calorie count. Clearly she’s disgusted with anyone who can’t keep their weight in check, and she being stuck with Julia isn’t helping either. She is snarky and mean and sometimes I just can’t stand her.

“Have you ever considered that we might have a bit of a problem with food?”

As much as I disliked Annabel’s voice who isn’t giving any positive boost for Julia, but I think she is written with the most honest and raw perspective. A person’s ideology, principle and way of life will not change even after death. Annabel is a perfect example of that. Thank you for creating this character in the most realistic manner as possible, Claire!

Let’s meet Julia. Smart, Responsible and Beautiful Julia. Julia is also over conscious, insecure and definitely doesn’t want to be a sorbet (rebound) girl. Julia is all of us, and I particularly can relate so much to her, it hurts.

Even though she’s a talented writer, she thinks she can’t hold a candle next to Lorraine, who’s also a good writer just because Lorraine is a prettier, and tinier version of her.

She thinks no one will take her seriously, just because she’s fat. No matter how hard she works, nothing could ever work out for her because she’s not pretty. Even if her long time crush Gavin starts to show some interest on her, she thinks such happy things will/ should never happen to her just because she’s fat, fat, fat.

Boys don’t go for fat girls. They talk about wanting ‘real women’, but what they mean is big tits. Not thighs, not bellies, not fat bums. They want skin and bone.” 

Julia too is battling with another dark secret that can never be accessed by Annabel.

Ask yourself, how many times have you second guessed yourself just because of your physical image? How many times have you thought that, people will pay more attention to you if only you’re prettier?

This book is about overcoming all that ugly emotions and I for one felt this book was written solely for me.

A complete eye-opener and an excellent job done by Claire Hennessy, you have to give this amazing book a go!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ren calore says:

    What an interesting book! Really should give it a try. 😊

    1. And I can’t wait till you guys read this book!

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