What Kind of Reader Are You? 

In recent times, I’ve seen various types of readers. I’ve seen fast readers, tasteful readers, emotional readers and there’s strictly sci-fi only readers. And then there’s me- An impulsive reader. 

I am not at all ashamed to say that I am so impulsive, my reading taste is highly unpredictable. I’ve took the liberty to decide on TBR for couple of months, and what do you know? Yours truly never came around slay those TBR good. 

I may sound crazy, but I actually love contemplating my next read by going through the books on my shelf. I’m secretly Belle, who swipes across them spines dreamily even though I’ve looked at the same books for years. 

Although, there’s one thing I am truly proud of. I try my best to stay committed when I am taking part in readalongs. I rarely dodge or DNF books because I would feel so guilty afterwards. *there’s some good in me after all* 

I rely heavily on the state of mind and mood and decide on my next read, that’s just me. What about you? Share with me! I would love to hear reading quirks too! Lots of love and stay bookish! 


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