Book Review- Made You Up by Francesca Zappia

This book made me feel grateful about myself. It tells me that I should be very thankful for being present and existing. We take everything too lightly and for granted sometimes, honestly, that’s sickening. 
This book follows Alex- a schizophrenic and a high school senior who recently transferred to a new school and being faced with tonnes of ugly challenges waiting for her. She can’t seem to differentiate Reality and Delusion, and so she is always cautious about her surrounding. Always checking and being paranoid. 

 Like any YA, it’s pretty impossible to not have a love interest, which comes to our hero- Miles. I actually like Miles, he’s cute, mysterious, unconventional and of course lovable. He also came with his own set of problems and difficult past. Alex met Miles when she was a child, thanks to her sickness, she is not sure if Miles is the one she met, or was it a delusion all along. It’s a damn lobster story.

I love the premise of this beautiful book. It’s easy to comprehend and not tough to get into. You will be met with lovable and not so lovable characters. There’s some high school drama, in-school politics which I adored. 

I gotta admit, this story is emotional af. Every time Alex loses her shit, I want to reach out and give her a tight hug. It’s sad, you know. For someone not being able to differentiate what’s real and what’s not, and panicking 95% of the day is not cool guys, really. 

Sometimes I think people take reality for granted

This book is about acceptance, accepting out problem, our flaws and admitting to ourself that, yes, we indeed have a problem that we need to resolve before crumbling down to the ground. 

It’s also told from an unreliable narrator’s pov. Hence, you are always careful and finding yourself looking out for anything that may be amiss. 

What I learn from the book is, you should love yourself guys. You are enough. You should also show compassion to others. Some people have bigger war to battle. Judging them isn’t going to solve anything, unless you are aiming to drive this person up the wall, keep doing whatever you doing now. Be kind before being right. 

Overall, I loved this book. Pick this up and be amazed guys. Really. 


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