For Malaysian readers, reading is often a lonely journey as it’s very difficult to find like-minded people who have similar book bordering experience. It is usually the after-effects that bothers me the most, all the feels and emotions after reading an incredible book will always make go on a full-speed rant, However it’s just usually my man who only listens because he is love with me. Hmmph.

Things have taken a great turn for yours truly because I have found a sanctuary, a safe place to rave, discuss and fangirl about books all day every day.


If you are an avid reader who are also looking for a platform to book talk, do check out @Mybibliomaniacs on Twitter guys! I swear, this group of people is one of the best I’ve met! My reading journey is no longer solo, it is now accompanied by awesome bookworms who understands my obsession about book hoarding. Heh!

I’ve been with them over a month now and I have already participated in so many activities already! We are also now official because we have our own WEBSITE (thanks to the talented Amelia)!

This blog aim to cultivate more reading habits and encourage more Malaysians to take up reading as one of their hobby because really, READING IS ENRICHING.

We also have an introduction video, put together by another talented Bibliomaniac- Nabilah! Yours truly is featured in here of course! Just click on the word “introduction video” yeah!

Please please please follow us on Twitter and check out our website for some juicy news about book and maybe even GIVEAWAYS! Thank you so much in advance!



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