Awesome stuffs I found on the internet this week

So, I’ve decided to post weekly round-ups of awesome stuffs that I found on the internet!

1) Being a selfiegrapher while you are alive is one thing, but coming across this particular post was certainly disturbing. Do you know, they used to take photographs of dead people back then? Check it out here.

2) I came across this post in thought catalog, about crying in public. Boohoo. I still do cry in the public now, especially when I read in the trains. This shit really happens.

3) In the spirit of Halloween, here goes- c. late 1970s – early 1980s,NYC’s Village Halloween Parade

4) Who would have thought Daniel Radcliff – The Boy Who Lived could rap Blackalicious “Alphabet Aerobics” this well? Totally made my week!

5) Remember our favorite horror story author- R.L Stines when we was little? He made a comeback again.

6) This is so adorable. John Green & Taylor Swift Fanboy/girling each other.

7) It’s important to be nice to ourselves first before being nice to the rest. So, I found this article to be quite useful.

8) Do you like Pentatonix? Remember the BASS guy Avi Kaplan? Well, he covered my absolute favorite “All About the Bass”. One word, SPECTACULAR! Check it out! 

On another note, Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween & Happy Weekends ya’ll!


On another extended note, J.K Rowling promises to write a short story about Professor Umbridge this Halloween, I can’t wait!


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  1. Satt….could you write something please? I need some reading materials 😛

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