Love, Rosie – Book or Movie?

Last night, my cousin and I finally hit the cinema for the long awaited chick flick- “Love, Rosie.” It was originally a book called “Where Rainbows End” by Cecelia Ahern. Knowing the movie coming out soon, I took the liberty to finish the book as soon as I can a week before. The book was, AMAZING! I loved every bit of it, and loved Rosie and Alex duo through and through. I felt sad for her and curse all the ill-timings that screwed up everything for these two.

The movie however, was equally wonderful. It was instilled with some new and different scenes and characters that still kept the movie going on without messing up some major turn of events.

Let me start with the beautiful, godlike, stunning Lily Collins. I was first very worried of how she was going to carry the part “Rosie Dunne” in the movie. Not only she delivered her character emotionally, but it was also delivered comically as well. Apart from her good job in acting her part and being hopelessly attracted to Alex, I couldn’t stop looking at her unbelievable oh-so-awesome face and her brunette and luscious hair. God, she was that pretty that I could easily forgive any glitches in the movie.


Sam Claflin who played Alex was hot and donned his prince-like charming smile. Nuff said.

As I said earlier, the plot has slight changes and some parts that wish to be seen on the big screen wasn’t there which could be a disappointment for us book readers. Also, some important characters were missing, like Rosie’s big sister- Stephanie wasn’t around. Another key character who was missing in the movie- Greg the cheating bank manager. Wait, he was there but it was done differently. Sigh.

I realized that I was far more interested to learn Ruby’s life slightly more than Rosie’s. I was also looking forward to see the salsa dance championship participated by Ruby. And, I was hoping to see Ruby to be slightly older than she appeared in the movie.

To be honest, I wanted to see Rosie to suffer a little more and grow a little more pathetic and sad. Lily Collins was just too cheerful but very well, as I said earlier, I AM IGNORING ALL THE GLITCHES BECAUSE OF HER FLAWLESS FACE!

Nevertheless, for a non-reader, this is a really good movie. Plus, I watched it after work and it managed to relieve my stress a little. I truly enjoyed watching it and if I have the chance I would like to watch it once again.

Spoiler coming up!

Notable scenes:

1) Hilarious sex scene in the first 15 minutes


2) Emotional scene the moment Rosie delivered her baby girl



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  1. Lifewithcassandra says:

    I was utterly disappointed with this movie , Ruby was my favorite character in the book and the made her as interesting as a doormat in the movie

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