Do you remember your first adult book?


I do. It’s called “The Color of Hope” by Susan Madison. I was a little over 12 years old, and was in the process of ‘discovering’ adult-themed books. My mom did not bought me the book, neither did I got it by myself. I remember borrowing from my cousin (who is younger than me by the way!), the day her dad got it from her! I started reading the book the moment I got into the express bus heading to Kuantan, and by the time I reach, I was already reading towards the end. I remember the feeling of leafing every pages and getting used to the idea of finally reading an adult’s book! The book has a tragic plot, but I was getting attached to the characters and experiencing my first heart-ache when my favourite fictional character dies.

It was too much for a 12 year old, however I did not care because the story progressed well, and I just want to find out what happen next. Needless to say, the ending wasn’t a happily ever after. Everything felt very strange to me because I am not familiar with the idea of people dying, separating, and etc. However, I believe “The Color of Hope” is the trigger to my fond of reading. That particular read has begun my thirst to read more, and gave me a solid confidence that I can take bigger books.

Years later, soon after I discovered Goodreads, I immediately checked up on the ratings of TCOH, a special book that has a very special spot in my heart. It scored a miserable 3.5/5.0. Well…

I convinced myself that 3.5 is not so bad, secretly defending Madison and her brilliant work and accusing that readers are just too shallow, failing to understand the pain and hurt behind the characters. Although, by this time I’ve already read similar genre of books by Jodi Picoult, there’s just something that wouldn’t let you give up your first reads. Much like your first love, right?

So share with me readers! What is your 1st adult book? And how do you feel about it now? Till then, toodles!


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