I have a feeling…

…that my book blog is slowly evolving into a blog about writing, which is not a big deal, really.

I am working on a sunny Saturday, which is not exactly the best moral boost. It is frustrating and quiet. Or frustratingly quiet? 

Then again, I have the day off tomorrow, and today I am piled with a lot *magnifying* A LOT of tasks piling up in my to-do list. This is fairly common whenever we are nearing the date of our mega convention, but it is not something I can get used to. Tell me who loves a lot of work? Unless your name is Donald Trump or Workaholic, I bet you don’t fancy work that much.

Later I have a birthday party to attend, I am secretly hoping that I will have enough light and freedom to start my new book. Hopefully, my mom wouldn’t rain on my secret parade with her deadly stare. 25 and still am very afraid of my mom. I am an Indian girl with an Indian mom, so you know how things works in Indian family.

I guess that’s all for today. Till I find more stuff to complain of then.

Signing off, Bookynista!



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