So, today my boss told me…

“…Satthiya you have great potential to write but…”

I think my heart just skipped a beat. This is it. This is where I will actually consider resigning instead of being fired. And then he said,

“I want you to be a Super Copywriter instead of just a writer.”


I’ve been told that I write good short stories, I even won prizes in my school for short story writing competition. I have grand imaginations and love to write when I don’t have any specific constraints.

To write a sales letter is challenging no matter what you say. It has to convert and sell. The moment people decide your words aren’t interesting enough, they can ignore you totally. The moment you are ignored your work, your work doesn’t sell. The moment your work stop selling, you….get the idea right?

I am still exploring this particular field and always researching but to translate in to words is such an exotic task. It has to be simple but powerful enough to sell. It has to spark interest among my readers. Trust me, copywriting is not Copy+Paste=Writing. If it’s that simple, people would just do that already.

Let’s see how far can I go in this field. Let’s see if my love to words will salvage everything. Let’s see.


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