Hey, I am around!

Dear all,



I don’t know what to say in order to justify my irresponsible act of abandoning my book blog for this long. Then again, I start to make mental excuses of how no one actually reads my crap and feel sorry for myself. Suddenly I get so defensive and say, ‘This is my damn blog and I deserve to abandon it as long as I want to’. *Okay, I am crazy.*

Just because I paused on my writing doesn’t meant I stopped reading. Even today I carry a kindle and a book in my bag just to remind me that I have choice to read another if I want to. But who am I kidding? I can’t move on to other book without finishing the one I am already reading.

This year I have challenged myself to read at least 60 books! Okay, not exactly. I’ve been contemplating between 55 to 60 because my progress can go from slow to fast and back to slow, you know. To date, I have read a total of 25 books which is good on my own standard. Then again, who is going to question me anyway? That’s right! Nobody!

I guess this is all I been wanting to post, just a brief idea that I am around, still alive, still loving books and reading them. Thanks for sticking around, if you are there at all…





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  1. Haha…interesting post. I’m currently reading The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. Probably I’m not in the mood with his writing. Sorry to say I’m bored with the book. XD

    1. Hahaha! Yea I haven’t even touch it yet, guilty guilty.

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