Pray for MH370

I am from Malaysia, and my nation is currently undergoing a crisis. A crisis that wrenched all our heart and brought all of us into a mutual prayer. Malaysian Airlines that carried about 239 passengers including 2 babies and crew members to Beijing is reported missing. Today marks the 4th day of the missing. The entire world has came forward to help and Malaysians are very humbled by all the kind gestures. Though all efforts has been put in, the air plane still can’t be detected.

I can’t imagine the distress of all the next of kin of the passengers and crew members. Unable to grieve and unable to lose hope, everyone is holding on to a hope that the plane will return with everyone being safe. I can’t stop scrolling my Facebook newsfeed to find the silver lining, a thread of hope, but to no avail.

Everyone is frustrated and afraid. Quoting Malaysian celebrity Adibah Noor, “What’s worse than Grieve- Not knowing”. I can’t agree more with her sentiments. Everyone wants a happy closure to this horrible nightmare. Everyone clinging on a hope. My countrymen and friends from other countries included, are here praying for a miracle. My readers if you are out  there, I plead you to do the same. Please pray for all the passengers and crew members of MH370’s safe return.

Thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers

Photo courtesy Google
Photo courtesy Google



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