I’m back!


It has been so long and I feel so guilty for abandoning my blog for almost a month. It was a horribly busy month for me. Believe me when I say, I was really fu*king busy with work and everything that comes along with it. I’ve ran a humongous conference, I’ve moved, I’ve gone for a vacation, completed almost complete a big report, and attended a life changing self awareness training program for the past 1 month. Guess what? I also have weeks of busy schedule ahead, and that leaves me no break for weekends. Bravo!

But I am loving my life. I am glad I have something to do rather than wasting my time away. I do wish for a small break every now and then so that I can rejuvenate, but otherwise I am feeling fine.

Coming back to reading, yes I still do that although my phase is much slower. I splurged alot these past month on books, and I’ve attended BIG BAD WOLF FIREBALL SALE which was much cheaper. I didn’t spend more than RM30 this time.

I hope to write more despite my hectic schedule. Thank you for visiting my blog still, I love you guys!


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