Sorry to Go On Hiatus, and I’m sorry…I’m going off again.

I have been really busy before the year started. I will continue to be busy till end of the week. Or maybe another week or so. It’s been a exhausting but thank god it wasn’t boring start of the year. I shall enjoy my much waited vacation next month and I can already imagine the books that I will be reading by the sea shore!

But right now, I can’t even get few hours of decent shut eyes thanks to the conference our company running this weekend. I’ve been busy in many levels just to make the conference happen! My office is full of people who are chaotic with preparation. It’s a tough week.

I can’t believe it, but this week I manage to steal few minutes to read every morning and currently I am reading The Kitchen House which by the way, is remarkable!

I am so sorry for going M.I.A (if anyone’s reading at all), I will be back very soon with more topics to be shared. I would love to read more and this year I’ve pledged to read 100 books on Goodreads! How many are you planning to read? Get back to me and drop me some comments, love to hear it from you guys!

Till we meet again guys! XX


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