Happy New Year 2014!

We are here on the last day of 2013. This is the day that gets us all tear up and nostalgic of what we did the last year. 2014 was quite kind towards your truly and she had quite a good year. Nothing much to shout aloud about other than I have nurtured and stay inspired to read as much as I can. A resolution that for 2013 that I have kept till today.

It’s an understatement to say that I love reading. To me, reading defines me. Just like how singing defines me. These are the 2 characters that speaks most about me. I take pleasure in doing these 2 activities and this year has provided me a great opportunity to do so.

There were wonderful book fair that sells affordable, dirt cheap books that has fed my crave for more books. Made some good friends over social media because we share the same passion as in reading. Application to keep track of my reading list and contributed to my To-read pile.

This blog has been started not too long ago, but I’ve received so much love and support from all of you to date. I thank everyone for giving unconditional love to keep this blog alive.

One my New Year Resolution is to Read, Read & Read more!



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