Being a bookynista, how can I resist from being a part of world largest book fair? They were open for 233 hours straight and all you have to do is to show up with some large trolley bags and enough cash to browse through the books all night long. From my personal point of view, I thought they were too far for my liking. I don’t own a transport, and so carrying all the books in a train back home is a huge challenge.

Oh well, there are fair share of ups and downs in everything I guess.

Anyhoo, this time around I felt that there are tonnes of awesome titles in the General Fiction section alone. I didn’t have the time to browse all the books and time and energy was definitely not on my side. I was sick throughout the week and had a wedding to attend in Penang, right after I got down the bus in Kuala Lumpur, I took the next train to Serdang, the station I need to get down to get to BBW! When I said that to my father, he shook his head disapprovingly. Another downside of the situation is I had a XXL size backpack I was lugging at my back, and as I cough, I climbed the stairs and reached the Big Bad Wolf gasping for air. A very very memorable experience indeed.

Knowing me, I spent my hours strolling only the General Fiction section though I feel much remorse right now. I should have take a peek at the Biography/ Memoirs section to get my hands on some awesome memoirs, I’m sure I would have found few. Oh well!

With minimal energy, and ‘deteriorating’ health, I walked through the promising aisles of Fiction treasures, and manage to haul some 19 books this time! The cost was less than RM150, now where can you get so many books for so little price? ONLY AT BIG BAD WOLF PEOPLE!

It was a satisfying haul because I got almost, almost all the books I’ve listed, and so I’m a happy child!

Have you been to the 233 hours largest book sale in the world? Write back to me and share your loot of happiness!

Till then, enjoy the sight of my haul!

Awesome titles!
Awesome titles!

On another note, I’ve completed my Goodreads reading challenge! Here’s the proof!

*pats on the back*
*pats on the back*

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