The Big Bad Wolf is Lurking Around The Corner

At the mention of Big Bad Wolf, everyone will shiver with fear.


In Malaysia, however, at the mention of Big Bad Wolf,  book readers like me will squeal in joy! The Big Bad Wolf is back this 6th December 2013 till 15th December 2013, and they will open for 24 hours a day= 230 hours altogether! So, if you are up for mid-night book shopping (long time fantasy), you can do so by popping into MIECC at The Mines! 20090514-big-bad-wolf-books-sale2

Big Bad Wolf has been sailing through all corners of Malaysia to spread the joy of cheap books! I remember my first visit in Penang. I was ecstatic to a point where I couldn’t sleep a week before! When the day finally came, my first visit was with my friend and the sight of massive spread of books, were indescribable. I was in pure ecstasy. You know it’s even more amazing because most of them were only RM8! Imagine how many books I could buy with my RM250 book voucher? Long story short, I went back home as a happy child with about 40 books. Yes, I did!

I also went to hunt for books when they went to Kuantan as well as Johor! Johor was where I managed to haul most of my Jodi Picoult’s book.

So, now they are back for a week, around the clock to end the year with a bang! Do not hesitate, you love books? Then you should save couple of hundreds and splurge it here. I assure you the book will last for a year. 😀 This year they have been really generous with the premier passes by conducting cool contests on Facebook as well as their website. Yours truly is not lucky enough to win a pass yet,but who knows you might be lucky enough to win one?


If you are first time buyer, here are some tips for you:

– Wear casual clothes. Nothing too fancy. People will be too busy lusting over books to pay attention to you.

– Bring a BIG BAG to carry your books around the fair. They will provide a box there, but a bag is much more convenient.

– No heels. You have 24 hours to spend there. Make your own decision.

– Water Bottles. You will need it, trust me.

– Money. and more Money.

That’s all! I can’t wait for December to come! What about you?


LOCATION: Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre

DATE: 6th-15th December 2013

TIME: Starting at 7am on 6th Dec till 9pm on 15th December!

WEBSITE: Big Bad Wolf

FACEBOOK: Big Bad Wolf Books


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