What’s Your Strategy in Purchasing Books?

In my introductory post, namely the 1st post of this blog “Ahoy!”, I’ve mentioned that when it comes to books, I have made some pretty big mistakes in choosing the right one for me.  In Malaysia, books are not cheap, they cost about RM30and above, till I found few really affordable books in book stores such as BookXcess which sells super awesome paperbacks for not more than RM17.90. Also, I wasn’t introduced to the world of online shopping, but once I knew I can shop for affordable books from where I was seated, I couldn’t resist from book shopping, mostly from Debookroom  and their book prices are much lower than market price! Of course, I never knew of the existence of Big Bad Wolf, the biggest book fair in Malaysia that sells books as low as RM1! I know right? However, when I was young, I was oblivious of all these sources and I have to make single purchase of book and sometimes I make irrelevant choices.

That is precisely why I make tonnes of research before I purchase any books at all. This is a tedious but a very fulfilling process for me. Maybe you should give it a shot before the next time you buy a book. It keeps you from hoarding books that you will barely touch at all, and that’s really bad. You have no liking towards the book, but someone out there might have searched for the book forever, right? So, if you keen to learn my strategies in picking up the books I always desire, (I make lesser mistakes now) look no further, I am about to reveal them to you!



If you have been a reader for quite some time, you should be able to identify what kind of reads you always prefer! No? You can’t? Well, let me break it up for you. Identify your preferred genres, this helps you to narrow down to make a list of your favourite authors. For an example, I love fictions. I like a little drama, a little facts entwined into one. That’s where I identify whose work I like best. For me, it’ll always comes down to Jodi Picoult and Mitch Albom and few other brilliant authors. After identifying whose work you like most, you will now know whose work to look out for the next time you walked down the aisles of book stores.


I know, I know… this book is new and you have been anticipating the release for many months now, but have you done your research? It’s not about getting your hands on the first edition of the brand new release, the real joy is to actually read and appreciate the content of the book! I do extensive research when I want to pre-order or even buying those already in the market. I will take my time in going through the reviews and if it’s available, I will go through the excerpt too! I am a person who get easily excited when I hear people rave about new books. However, I will still do my research before investing on the books. You need to be absolutely sure that this  is indeed, your kind of book and you will enjoy to the last page.


I know there are many people out there who have a thing for hard cover books. I am not sure why is it so, so if you are one of those who would go the extra mile or in this case pay a little extra for hard cover books, do drop a comment and let me know why, I really want to know how that makes any difference.

Coming back to the topic, I don’t give much thought on the cover as long the author’s name and the title of the book is clear enough for my instagram posting. Hard covers are generally more expensive than paperbacks. Compare the prices of several stores, and then make your decision. One book stores will be slightly different from the other, trust me. Some will come with bargains or pre-order specials. Of course, if you have no hurry in reading the book, have patience. In time, prices will drop or you might stumble across one online or in bookfairs and you will get real bargain! But if you can’t wait for the book that you have waited for months, it’s okay! Go get ’em tiger!  I don’t mind hoarding the books you love to read over and over, I can’t stand the thought of hoarding the books you have no love of! 

Tell me what’s your strategy in buying books? What do you normally do before you get your hands on new books? Let me know and I’ll share it with the world!

P/S: I can’t wait for Mitch Albom’s latest release- FIRST PHONE CALL FROM HEAVEN and got it on the first day itself! I was lucky to get them with such low price from Debook Room, visit them to buy super affordable books!


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