I’ve started this blog just a week back or maybe less, but I’ve been receiving lots of love and kind words from quite a number of readers out there, actually it’s errr…2 people who commented on 2 different posts. But at least they are someone new, someone who enjoyed my post and… they are not my mother! Better somebody then nobody, right?

Anyhoooo, I would really appreciate your comments or opinions on what I should blog about next, anything related to book of course.

Also, are you on Goodreads Cool! I am on Goodreads too! Don’t forget to follow me there to explore my choices of books and my thoughts on them instantly!

Once again, I would like thank everyone who have encouraged me to continue what I have started. After all, book reading is an endless journey, I’m sure we will have forever to talk about this man-made magical tool- Books!

Pictures grabbed from Google.
Picture grabbed from Google.


Till then, have fun reading your current read!


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