Fan Fiction…Ugh..Whaaat?

So, one of our favourite book series has ended, and you completely hate the ending? “Why would the author do that?” or “Damn! I was expecting a better ending for the book! All my 10 years has gone wasted!” are those famous lines we (readers) commonly hear, or in my case come across when a significant book series comes to an end. Examples of Harry Potter, Lord of The Ring, Twilight, Divergent and the list goes on and on. Some even secretly wish that they can change the climax to their preference… or can they?

Yes! Of Course! There’s a special term for it, and it’s called… say it with me guys, “FAN FICTION!” 

Fan fiction has been around for quite some time now, yes? And there are more and more people starting to embrace this phenomenon, and have created thousands and thousands of different fan-fic to fit into their very own likings.

In the beginning, I was not too keen about this whole fan-fic thingy. I felt the authenticity of the original work is being challenged with the emerge of all these self-made fan-fic. I was introduced to fan-fic by my bestie and she is into *cough*- YAOI. Don’t know what YAOI is? Well if you are 18 and above, you might as well click here, to find out. Only if you are 18 and above. I absolutely detested the idea of fan-fic, but I can’t help but to admire her eagerness to follow the fan-fic posts week after week. So, just like everyone else, I gave the fan-fic a shot, and guess what? I was hooked and is addicted to the world of fandom!

Of course being an avid fan-fic reader has altered my belief and perception. Writing fan-fiction is an act of admiral, an act of love towards characters that we are so in touch with. Though they are fictional, their emotions are highly contagious and will affect ours after witnessing pages after pages of sufferings of our beloved characters, we yearn for a better ending for them. Some even yearn to alter the entire storyline so that it is aligned with their fantasy, for an example- YAOI. heh.


Grabbed from google: If you are a potterhead, you would recognize this picture, and feel touched. In the world of FANDOM, James could be alive and Harry would not be an orphan. Think about it. :’)


If I become an author one day, and if there a few groups of people have created fan-fic based on my story, I would feel nothing but proud that the characters that I have created have touched them emotionally. However, perceptions and opinions are very subjective to individuals, I believe in that too.

What about you? Would you accept Fan Fictions based on your very own story? Write back to me and tell what you think! Your opinion does matters! Thank you for reading, Have a Fan  Fun day!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I would definitely accept fan fics written based on my works. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, I say fan fiction is the best form of flattery.

    1. MissySatts says:

      I think so too Jeyna! And I’m glad you think so too!

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