Who is(are) Your Literary Boyfriend(s)?

Awww… don’t lie now! I know you might have one or two flings in the past as you flip pages after pages one late night, with the company of a glass or two wines after a dreadful day at work.

Ah-ha! I can see you flush with embarrassment now. Don’t worry, I too have my own share of literary flings in the past, and maybe *cough* in the present. Nothing to feel embarrassed about though. These fictional character who sweep us off our feet, and make us giddy with their romantic gestures, who is a perfect gentlemen, who…you know… don’t exist, is who we girls secretly dreaming of every night. However in the morning, we brush off that thought and move on with our life as always.

There are amazing surge of literary boyfriends these days. I mean talk about Christian Grey from the critically acclaimed erotic Fifty Shades of Gray? What about Four @ Tobias from Divergent, I hear he have quite a number of fangirls out there! I stink in this things because I tend to stray away from my current scandal to another as I complete one book. I am disloyal, yes, but I can never forget few of the very phenomenal characters who has distinct impression on my poor heart.

1) Jerry –P.S I Love You by Cecelia Ahern


Where do I even begin? I find there’s no one else could have played Jerry in the movie P.S I Love You. Some of you might beg to to differ. However, my point is highly  biased because I am already charmed by Gerard Butler in which I imagined him in every page. I mourn for Jerry in the 1st 10 page, I cried along Holly and felt for her. Jerry is simply amazing with his antics and unconditional love for Holly, that you can’t help but hope that there’s somebody out there who is exactly like Jerry in your life. Seriously, gifts and cassettes full of love for the still alive wife? Who wouldn’t want that right? P.S I Love You was the only book I actually liked by Ahern, and I think that’s because I am secretly in love with Jerry. Shhh! Don’t tell Holly okay?

2) Henry DeTamble- The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger 



It has been such a long time since I read a good, touching, un-cheesy-fied love story after P.S I Love You, that’s when I picked up this book in one of the local book store with an incredible bargain. I remember when I turn to the first page and thought, “Oh yeah! I found the right book!” I also remember that I almost finished the book in one sitting. Almost. This book is so wonderful in evoking your emotion, or maybe it’s just because I am too sentimental and a hopeless romantic. Anyway, coming back to the topic, I find myself attracted to Henry for many reasons.

  1. He is HOT! (In my imaginations anyway)
  2. He is naked and vulnerable in couple of scenes. Don’t judge, I have a thing for vulnerable guys.
  3. He is passionately in love with a woman/girl across time and space, like how awesome is that?
  4. He is a freaking Librarian! How ironic can that be?
  5. He is HOT! Oh, have I said that already? Oh well…

3) Augustus Waters- The Fault in Our Star by John Green

*fangirl squeal*
*fangirl squeal*

I don’t even see the point in me elaborating why I consider Augustus as one my crush in the literary world. But if I have to, I am extremely attracted to him because he was quirky and releases positive energy. And yes, I can feel the vibe as well, thank you. That dude changed Hazel’s life man, c’mon! I am so enchanted with his really cute, obnoxious text messages to Hazel. Thanks to him, The Fault in Our Star was so wonderful. One final point on why I had a serious case of crush on him- Augustus Waters reads! The fact that he actually discusses the book with Hazel makes me go aww… Anyway, moving on to the next one…

4) Park- Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

See what I meant?

Have you read the book yet? No? Then I strongly suggest you to go and read it as soon as you can. Seriously, you are missing out. Park is the type of guy who amazed me from the very beginning. I love to see Eleanor from his perspective, who by the way is flawless despite the obvious messy, unruly red hair, horrible fashion sense, and not forgetting the esteem issues that she is suffering from. Park on the other hand is small, but sweet, and I love how he treats Eleanor. I smiled like a fool as I flip the pages. An excellent page turner. I love Park so much, except…

5) Levi– Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I honestly can’t find a perfect picture for Levi. Sigh

…I am in love with Levi too! Levi brighten up my dullest day, I mean literally. I had this horrible day, and when I read about Levi on my ebook, my problems seem so trivial and simply melt away. Levi is lean and tall, always smiling, never hesitate to help if you asked kinda guy. I really adored his adorable scenes with Cath, and just like how I reacted to Park, that was the exact reaction I had on Levi. Sweet, sweet Levi. Though, he could be much younger to me in reality, tricky, hmm…

That’s about it about my very long list of literary boyfriends, what about you? Who are your choice of literary boyfriend? Do drop a comment and share with me yea! Till then, curl up with some good books and dream about your fictional love!


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  1. Even though Jerry is a hot and humorous guy but I still prefer Leo Collins in the movie The Vow. Probably due to Channing Tatum that act that character that reminds me of John Tyree in the movie of Dear John. Anyway, I enjoy reading your post.

    1. MissySatts says:

      Hey there! Leo Collins was hot too! I think that’s mainly due to Channing Tatum’s effect. I mean who could ever resist Tatum? Thank you so much! Means a lot! :’)

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