Who Is Your Fave Author lah?

This is a common question that I find rather difficult to answer. This is due to the never ending but growing list of authors who I have found love in their writing in one way or another. The thing about me is, I am not afraid to read books by new or different authors, and that’s why I have list of great authors that are infinitely growing. Today, let me list down few but wonderful authors who have produce miraculous work for the past few years, and still doing so.

Jodi Picoult

all jodi picoult books
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An author who’s work I wouldn’t second guess, ever. Though she seemed to have a standard court case drama in most of her books, I don’t mind reading them because of the beauty of how she usually present the case. So much of emotions are involved, as well as from many different perspectives. Just one word- Awesome!

Neil Gaiman

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I was introduced to his work, thanks to his latest magic- Ocean at The End of The Lane. I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s Gaiman who usually  always spark the quirky, weird feelings in me. I don’t find his story logical, however I feel that they are perfect for escapism. Fantasy, they call it. But I would call teleporting. To a world just like us, but somewhere in between, tucked away safely in between folds of memory, something magical is taking place, but we are just too oblivious to realize.  I love his latest work, as well as American Gods which was so wonderful. Give him a chance people, he’ll surprise you!

Mitch Albom

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…is beyond amazing. He creates brilliant stories, and keeps you crying at night. I’ve read his book 2 years back, and I’m afraid that was how I was introduced to Albom’s work. He is incredible with his simple but powerful words and messes with your emotions. ‘Afterlife’ is his forte, however that particular theme is not worn out, thanks to his excellent perspectives. If you are tired and frustrated of your life, take one of his books, be it *”The Five People You Met In Heaven”, *”For One More Day”, *”Tuesdays with Morrie”, and the latest *”The First Call From Heaven”, You will start to see world in a very different light.

Amy Tan

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I have a soft spot for Asian stories particularly those revolves around ancient China. Amy Tan is one of many author who has the guts to go all out with her work. My personal favourite is  The Kitchen God’s Wife, in which she have explored the beauty as well as the painful times of China. I adore her writing which is pretty simple and easy to understand. Other than Tan, I also love Anchee Min, Lisa See’s work. They have produce excellent work so far, and I’ve enjoyed most of them.

Rainbow Rowell


Reading her writing makes me happy. Her work is one of those where I dread when it’s close to finish. I have read all her books so far. They are normally cater to Young Adult, and well, I don’t give a damn because her début in Eleanor & Park were simply genius! Her latest “Fangirl” was equally brilliant. And she have another book on the way next year, I can’t even contain my excitement! The reason why I love her so much is her portrayal of characters who don’t seem too perfect, more natural. She also doesn’t make the scenes too goey romantic. A major No-No for me!Click on the book title to read my review on Eleanor & Park and Fangirl!

What about you? Who are your favourite authors and why? Whose work would you recommend to me? Please write back and let me know guys! Till then, thank you & have a good day!

P/S Pictures are grabbed from google. Heh. :p


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